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ASPIRE, a decision-aided tool for PRISM - Beta


ASPIRE (Algorithm Suggesting Proportionate Incident Response Engagement) is a prototype decision aiding tool developed by experts in medicine and emergency response to help identify the need for patients exposed to chemical agents to undertake wet decontamination.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged. Please contact the ASPIRE development team if you would like to offer comments about ASPIRE or encounter any issues with the tool.

How long ago in minutes were the casualties exposed?

Exposure occurred  

  minutes ago.

Is the identity of the chemical known?



Search for the chemical by name, alias, CAS RN, STCC, or UN/NA.

Can you estimate the volatility of the contaminant?



Estimate the volatility using the slider below.

Highly Volatile

ASPIRE Recommendations

Based on your answers to the above questions, ASPIRE recommends the following actions:

0 Minutes


Time Since Exposure:

70 Minutes

184 Minutes

209 Minutes

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